Thursday, December 5, 2013

Old oppressor in new clothes | Swift won AMA artist of the year.

Taylor Swift won Sunday night´s top honor, giving her a leading four trophies as fans celebrated the women of pop music 2013.

Swift did not perform, but she was a constant presence on stage and the camera alighted on her as she danced to stars like Kendrick Lamar and Luke Bryan. Her win came after Katy Perry dazzled with her show-opening performance, Lady Gaga found another inventive way to grab your attention, Rihanna starred with her mother and Miley Cyrus closed the performances with the assistance of a giant lip-syncing CGI kitty on her song "Wrecking Ball."  Seeing the superstar out there makes you feel like you are in a movie hall. You resist the urge to whistle, as you normally would at Hamal’s entry on screen, because you are warned not to make any noise.
It looks like an open and shut case, but the defense council will have none of it. He’s determined to argue the case, occasionally making silly arguments that seem to go nowhere. “The earth is moving around the sun all the time. You don’t see it, does that mean it doesn’t happen?” he asks a witness who claims that what he sees is always true. Meanwhile, his use of complicated Nepali words, like “Gupta Sanket” for password, irritates people no less. But when it comes to sensitive matters, it is he who has to insist that the witness say in Nepali what “potty” means.  Director has once again done a commendable job by presenting a powerful, universal story. Defense Council Bikash enacted by Subas Thapa wins the audience’s heart with his witty one-liners, and screen veterans Karma, Deeya Maskey, and Rajesh Hamal are a surprise package.

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